Delivering a Well Rounded Pre-school Education

Champions Montessori

Prepare Your Child For a Bright Future

Our Approach


Focus on helping children become self-directed individuals who make a difference in their families, their communities, and the world.


Habits and skills developed in a Montessori classroom remain for a lifetime. We have over 25 years experience in Montessori teaching. Our teachers hold a 2- year Montessori certification. 


The work in our classrooms is all hands-on, concrete materials. The work is kept on the shelves so the children can access it easily and return it when completed.

It is true we cannot make a genius…We can only give each individual the chance to fulfill his potential in becoming an independent, secure and balanced human being.

-Dr. Montessori

Our Programs


Toddlers develop coordination and independence skills to use within the world around them.


In the Primary Montessori Program, learning takes place through the senses using concrete manipulatives, a precursor to the abstract understanding of new concepts.


The Pre-K Montessori Program is an introduction to spelling, numbers, decimal system, math facts, and exercises with money.

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    Alanna O'Connor
    Alanna O'Connor
    01:36 09 Jul 17
    We love CMS! One year in and we have no desire to find another preschool. Our daughter loves going to school! The teachers have been very stable since we started and that means so much to my family! Looking forward to the next two years before starting K.
    Glen Johnson
    Glen Johnson
    13:59 25 May 17
    Excellent Montessori School in NW Houston area with great teachers. Children are engaged through experiential learning. Amazing growth by my daughter in 2 years here. Your child will absolutely be Kindergarten ready! Would HIGHLY recommend Ms. Shelly!
    Wendy Stacy
    Wendy Stacy
    16:15 05 Apr 17
    My son has been there for going on 2 years and will graduate this year. I have seen him grow so much in this time. The teachers communicate well and are always friendly. They take very seriously actually teaching children instead of "babysitting" them. My son can read and spell now and he just turned 5. We will miss CMS
    chris alba
    chris alba
    12:25 20 Jan 17
    Can't say enough good regarding the staff, curriculum and overall experience with my four year old granddaughter! She loves Ms. Shelly!!
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